Welome to the Re-Quilibrium Podcast

Starting June 16th, 2015, Re-Quilibrium brings you the Re-Quilibrium Podcast, a weekly production with a focus on social marketing and behavior change. Hosted by Salt Lake City’s Danielle Caldwell, the Re-Quilibrium Podcast provides a voice to those working in social marketing, behavior change communication, and demand reduction on a weekly basis.  Available for free on a number of different podcast platforms, you can look forward to a new guest and a new conversation every Tuesday.

Why a podcast?

This podcast aims to advance the connection within the vibrant and passionate social marketing community. There are a number of amazing resources and conglomerations that exist to connect those working in the field, and this podcast is our attempt to complement and contribute to those efforts by utilizing a newly emerging communication platform: podcasting. The value of this podcast comes from the value of conversation, an on-going conversation to better understand what’s going on, who’s doing what, and ultimately what’s working.

Podcasting grants the opportunity to discuss real-time developments in the field, and episodes can be accessed across the globe in a variety of ways. The Re-Quilibrium Podcast will be available on any smart device through platforms such as Stitcher Radio and iTunes and will also be available directly on our website. Additionally, conversations will extend far beyond each episode through the use of social media.

So Stay Tuned…

The Re-Quilibrium Podcast has an exciting inaugural line-up in place. Join experts such as Nedra Weinreich, Dr. Christy Seifert, Dr. Nadia Zainuddin, and many others for compelling conversations defining social marketing, identifying how rhetoric factors into research and message development, and discussing entrance channels to social marketing.  And we always love to hear from our audience, so don’t be shy about making suggestions for upcoming episodes or connecting with us on Twitter (@ReQPod) and Facebook (/ReQPod). Tell us what you’re interested in, and let’s talk about it!