Episode 12: Planning for Climate Change

What does our future look like? We can’t plan for the past anymore, we have to plan for our future climate.

Dr. Danya Rumore joins the podcast to discuss how she and other planners are helping communities take action in response to our changing climate.

Listen now.

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About Dr. Danya Rumore

Danya Rumore, Ph.D., joined the University of Utah in July as the Associate Director of the Environmental Dispute Resolution Program in the Wallace Stegner Center at the S.J. Quinney College of Law. The EDR Program promotes collaboration, mediation, and other alternative dispute resolution processes as a means to address environmental conflicts throughout the mountain west. Danya is also a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of City and Metropolitan Planning at the University of Utah. She teaches courses in negotiation and dispute resolution and is a research affiliate of the University’s Ecological Planning Center and Global Change and Sustainability Center. Danya completed her doctorate in Environmental Policy and Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology this summer. While at MIT, she was the Assistant Director of the MIT Science Impact Collaborative and the Project Manager for the New England Climate Adaptation Project. Danya’s work and research focus on supporting more collaborative decision-making and stakeholder engagement in the context of science-intensive environmental issues, with a particular focus on climate-related risk management, water resource management, and mixed land-use planning. She holds a Master of Science in Environmental Management and Geography from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Natural Resource Economics from Oregon State University. Danya has worked with a range of organizations, including the Consensus Building Institute, the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, the New Zealand Centre for Sustainable Cities, and the Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences. She is a co-author of the new book Managing Climate Risks in Coastal Communities: Strategies for Engagement, Readiness, and Adaptation, which is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

Twitter: @DanyaRumore

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