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Episode 15: Strategic social marketing

The problems are complex, but the process is relatively simple. The trick is to get politicians to endorse the application of that process and practitioners to help deliver it.

Professor Jeff French joins the podcast to discuss his recent work defining and advocating for strategic social marketing. Through the idea of strategic social marketing, Professor French challenges social marketers and policy makers alike to embrace social marketing techniques and theories when planning at the policy level.

Jeff is the chair of the World Social Marketing Conference, and you can catch him at that event in May 2017 in Washington DC.  You can also catch him at the European Social Marketing Conference taking place in September 2016 in Finland. Registration for the latter event is live, and you can find more information here.

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About Professor Jeff French

Jeff French is a recognised global leader in the application of behaviour change and social marketing. Jeff has extensive experience of developing leading and evaluating behaviour change projects, social marketing programmes and the development of communication strategies at international, national, regional and local level.

With over 30 years’ experience at the interface between government, public, private and NGO sectors Jeff has a broad practical and theoretical understanding of national and international health and social development issues.

Jeff and has published over 70 chapters, articles and books in the fields of behaviour change, social marketing, community development, health promotion and communications. Jeff is a visiting professor at Brunel University and Brighton University and a Fellow at Kings College University London and teaches at four other Universities in the UK.

Jeff was the Director of Communication and Policy at the Health Development Agency for five years from 2000 – 2005. In March 2005 From July 2006 through to July 2009 Jeff set up and managed the National Social Marketing Centre for England. In August 2009 Jeff became the Chief Executive of Strategic Social Marketing Ltd.

Strategic Social Marketing works with clients from all over the world in the private, NGO and public sector on the development and evaluation of social behaviour change programmes. Strategic Social Marketing also provides consultancy services to some of the world’s biggest corporate communications and research companies.

Jeff continues to act as the principle adviser to the National Social Marketing Centre and the Department of Health behaviour Change and Social Marketing policy team. Jeff also acts as an advisor to a number of national policy committees, the EUCDC Knowledge and Resource Centre in Health Communication project, and is a member of the organising committee of the Global Social Marketer’s network. Jeff is a member of the editorial Boards of the International Review on Public and Nonprofit Marketing and the Journal of Social Marketing.

Jeff is Conference Chair of the World Social Marketing Conference. His new book ‘Social Marketing and Public Health Theory and Practice’, published by Oxford University Press is now available. Jeff is also the author of the NSMC’s new guide to procuring and managing the delivery of social marketing service.


Episode 10: Social marketing and the super wicked problem of climate change

You’ve got to look at what people do about climate change, not what they think about it…Ultimately we’re going to be judged on how effective we are, not on whether people remember the brand or message of a program.

David Meiklejohn joins the podcast to discuss wicked problems, super wicked problems, and climate change. David discusses his work with these topics and provides recommendations for how social marketing might address them in the future.

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About David Meiklejohn

David has more than 16 years experience in developing and implementing social marketing programs in both Australia and the UK. He has worked with governments in Australia and New Zealand to build their capacity to deliver behaviour change projects. He has developed and delivered climate change social marketing programs to households in Melbourne, achieving a 26 percent reported drop in greenhouse gas emissions. He has conducted reviews for state governments into the effectiveness of climate change social marketing programs, and as a result of this is currently researching what makes such programs effective. His research examines the target audiences reached by these programs, why they sometimes fail and how they can be better designed in the future to better meet the challenges of climate change.

He also works as as executive officer for a network of nine local governments in Melbourne (www.naga.org.au) working together to develop effective climate change responses.

Follow David:

Website: www.meiklejohn.com

Twitter: (@swingdog46)

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Episode 9: How do we really define social good?

Governments and other social actors need to take an ambidextrous approach—they have to try to eliminate [ill-being] while at the same time creating conditions for people to flourish and reach their potential.

Hamilton Carvalho joins the podcast to discuss how we define social good and how social marketers can best take steps to facilitate it.

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About Hamilton Carvalho

Hamilton Carvalho is passionate about understanding human behavior. A PhD candidate in Marketing from the University of Sao Paulo and a public servant working for the Sao Paulo state tax agency in Brazil, Carvalho holds a a master’s degree in marketing from the University of Sao Paulo, serves as board director for the International Social Marketing Association, and is a member of the System Dynamics Society.

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